Friday, 2 March 2012

My Face to Face/Faith to Faith experience by Jean Malan

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone" - Romans 12:18.

2011 South African Homegroup
This quotation was merely just saying to me before being a part of Face to Face, but now that I have experienced the life-changing program I understand what it means to live at peace. Face to Face allowed me to meet the most kind hearted, loving people I know and I have been so blessed to have shared my most valuable experiences with them.

Peace is possible; this is something that I truly believe thanks to Face to Face.

The way people of different Cultures, Religions and backgrounds were able to interact in a friendly loving manner made it clear to me that despite all our differences we are able to befriend and learn from one another in a peaceful manner. The experiences that I have had during the program are invaluable and unexplainable. The program is possibly the most special experience that I will ever have and I wish to continue to help the program grow. Friendships that were created within the program are very unique as we have grown to know each other on very personal level. Just as Face to Face has changed my Morals and Values I believe it will certainly do the same to anyone who is part of the program. Being apart of the program has made me appreciate the people I love, my friendships and my surroundings. I will surely help teach those around me what I learnt at Face to Face and implement the teaching my everyday life.
Jean Malan, Participant in 2011
To sum it all up Face to Face was not just a year initiative but rather an experience with invaluable teachings and memories that will change me for forever.

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