Thursday, 8 December 2011


November 20th ,Face to Face held their annual high tea with the theme been TEA for PEACE.The high tea took place at St Paul's Church Hall in Cape Town's CBD.This event was one of Face to Face's fundraisers for 2011 and the main beneficiary of the fundraiser was the Fikelela Children's Home in Cape Town.

The MC of the event is an alumni and also the current intern -Warda Gertse.

The Two guest speakers of the event were Clever Chikwanda and Dalit Anstey.

Chikwanda, who was born in Zimbabwe, is a seasoned trainer of trainers in Conflict transformation and has trained a plethora of community peace builders from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawia, DRC, Sudan, Liberia just to mention a few. 
He is currently registered with the University of the Western Cape where he is pursuing his PhD and his area of focus is combining sport and mediation skills for community healing.

Chikwanda shared  some of the peace building initiatives he has been involved in and challenges he is faced with in his work in South Africa.

Anstey was a Face to Face participant in 2010.Her experiences with Face to Face led to her key role in organising the Herzlia High's Student Representative Council’s debut- Herzlia Interfaith Evening initiative. Elected by her peers as the first female head student, she has represented the interests of her peers and aimed to bridge the divide between the pupils and the teachers, often using communication and mediation skills to resolve conflict. Anstey is committed to a peaceful, prosperous, diverse and democratic South Africa.

She shared some of her experiences of Face to Face and how she has used her skills in creating awareness of interfaith dialogue in her school and community.

Performances at the Tea for Peace were rendered  by Lizaan as well as Sarah & Farah (both face to face alumni and currently part of the alumni committee) .

A special thanks to everyone who contrabuted in making this event a great success!!!

Alumni Committee

Monday, 5 September 2011

Getting Started

Hi All

This will be the first of many blogposts that the Face to Face/Faith to Faith (F2F) Alumni committee, in South Africa, will be sharing.

So what have we been doing? Well, so far we have many plans for our Alumni, and all we need is for you to spread the word for now and get people involved in what F2F hopes to achieve in SA and in the regions that are also involved with F2F.

We have a committee consisting of past participantts of the program planning events to get not only alumni involved but also the greater community of Cape Town, simply because what we've experienced as participants needs to be shared with the world.

This was just an introductory post and many more post with information concerning events, and other things planned, will be posted later in the year.

Currently, we need a logo as the F2F-ACSA, anyone willing to design one or has ideas as to what it should be could send their ideas and plans to us via email,, we hope to hear from you soon